GETF1 Car Rain Repel Coating Clear Visibility
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GETF1 Car Rain Repel Coating Clear Visibility


1. Cleaning the glass, not only can prevent fogging, the use of green cleaning factor can remove all kinds of dirt on the glass surface without leaving water marks, making the glass translucent as new.

2. Prevent fogging. Contains polymer active substances, which can form a water-based transparent film on the glass surface, prevent fogging on the glass surface, and have a lasting anti-fogging function.

3. Dual-use car and home. Not only can be used for car glass, but also very suitable for bathroom glass.

====how to use====

1 First wipe off the dust and stains on the surface of the glass with a clean dry towel, then moisten the towel, clean the front glass, and then dry it with a dry towel

2. Shake the rainproof agent gently to ensure that the product function is fully utilized, and then spray the rainproof agent evenly on the car glass.

3. After the application is completed, wait for 15-30 minutes. After the glass surface is dry, wipe the glass surface with a dry cotton cloth or paper towel until the glass is bright.

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