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- Apple CarPlay™ & Android Auto™ Ready

- High-Resolution Audio Ready

- Wireless Mirroring for Android

- Customizable Multi Widget Screen

- 3 Camera Inputs

- Built-in Bluetooth

- 3 Pre-outs 5V


- Dimensions (W x H x D) : 23.5 x 23.5 x 24mm

- Imaging Sensor : 1/3' color sensor

- Lens : 1.62mm

- Illumination Range: : 0.5 to 100K LUX

- Effective Pixels : 345K

- Waterproof Rating : IP67

- Parking Guide OSD : Yes


- Large, 10.1" HD (1280 x 720) capacitive touchscreen

- LDAC™ allows wireless streaming of High-Resolution Audio with exceptional quality

- Single-DIN chassis gives more installation options

- Native 192 kHz / 24-bt WAV, FLAC, ALAC audio playback, and DSD file playback via 192 kHz / 24-bit PCM conversion

- USB Type-C® for compatible smartphones


- PRE OUT: 5V 3 Pre (Front LR / Rear LR / Sub LR)

- SCREEN DIAGONAL (INCH / MM): 10.1 inch / 257 mm



70mai A800S 4K Dashcam & Rear Car Camera Set
Surprise your four-wheeler with this top-of-the-line car camera by 70mai.
The A800S records smooth and clear 4K video at any time of the day and features integrated GPS and driving assistance systems for extra safety on the road.
When paired with the RC06 rear camera, the A800S enters the dual-channel recording mode, and if you hardwire it, it also can serve as a 24-hour parking surveillance system.


- 6.2inch WVGA touch screen

- Mobile phone screen mirroring function (2-way for Android) can enjoy watching YouTube

- Support to use App "WEBLINK" via charging cable (iPhone/Android)

- Built-in Bluetooth


- Power Consumption: 2 x 50W

- Frequency: 510 Hz (high tone) / 410 Hz (low tone)

- Acoustic pressure level at 2m (dual tone): 112 dB (A)

- Nominal Voltage: 12V


Mini Fuse/Fius Motosikal Kereta Lori/Fuse Motorcycle Car Lorry Vehicle Mini fuse

- 1pcs price  

-  7.5A 10A 15A 20A 25A 30A 35A 40A


Feature: With the ever increasing amount of vehicles manufactured with the CAN BUS wiring system it is becoming increasingly difficult to locate a quick power source without cutting,splicing and soldering. This little component overcomes this issue and has the added advantage of a built in fuse holder. Therefore is ideal for installing additional accessories,such as phone kits, alarms, central locking kits, games consoles, hard wired sat nav's, accessory sockets, auxiliary lights, driving recorders, trackers etc. Allows easy installation of additional circuits without cutting, splicing or soldering. Turns one fuse slot into two therefore providing individual protection for each circuit. Easy installation. Installation is easy:


PERODUA /HONDA /TOYOTA / PROTON Oem Brake Lock, Buzzer, Side Mirror Fold

- Brand new

- Plug and Play

-  Without Cutting Wire

- For Car 2 IN 1 , 3 IN 1 , 7 IN 1 Car Oem Brake Lock

- Good Quality Product


PERODUA /TOYOTA /HONDA Oem Plug & Play Car Alarm System

A Car alarm system to keep your car secure every you leave it and protect your car from theft. Function & Features: ~ Plug & Play

~ No wire cut needed

~ Easy Installation

~ Long-Lasting Quality

- Good Product Quality


This is a piece of proton gen 2 Single Power Window Switch that fits in any model of Perodua Kelisa. INSTALLATION: If you have never removed or installed this switch please don't pay to have it done. It is an easy 5 minute job. Carefully pry up the plastic switch cover or bezel, the switch is attached to it with screws and your door wiring is plugged into the switch with a tabbed gang wire clip. Pull out the clip without tugging on the wiring. You may need to depress a tab with a small screwdriver while doing this. Plug in new switch and test. Swap the cover onto the new switch and drop back in the door. Done! We provide best quality product


RCA Audio Cable / RCA Speakers and Amplifier Cable / Audio Cabling Accessories
Blaupunkt RCA 2 Channel Speakers and Amplifier Audio Power Cable – RCA Speaker Cable
Enables strong electrical connection between the car radio and the amplifier for better sound system projection in the car with enhanced German engineering.