Steering Wheel Boss Kit Quick Release Hub Adapter
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How to install a boss kit:

Align wheels so they face forward.

Remove horn ring and/or centre cover so steering column nut is exposed.

Undo nut from the column.

Now comes the fun bit. Most column shafts have a tapered fit in the steering boss which causes them to be somewhat difficult to remove from the steering column.

Best method here is to use the palms of your hands and belt the beejeebus out of the wheel at the 12, 6, 9 and 3 o’clock positions. This will eventually break the taper and the old unit should then slide off.

Before you fit the new boss kit and aftermarket wheel to the steering column, make sure your horn adapter and contact point(s) for the horn are setup and ready to go.

Reinstall wheel. n.b. There should be a small dimple on the steering column shaft indicating it is more or less centred (wheel alignments will affect the positioning of the steering wheel relevant to the position of the front wheels).